go forward to northeast from south exit of Hirakata station, 100 metres going forward to south of Katano Line , Keihan.
Raw Materials (import and domestic sales)
1. JAS organic soybeans,Conventional, Non-GMO soybeans
2. Organic buckwheat, conventional bucwheat
3. JAS Certified Rice, conventional rice
4. JAS Certified Coffee Beans
5. Conventional Black soybeans,mungbeans,Nada beans
6. Wheat, Wheat Flours, Japan-made wheat flours
7. Organic Sugar
8. Chili powder, chili grits
9. Citron skin, paste, fruit juice, oil
10. Organic Black Teas
11. Organic Honey
12. Organic Wasabi Powder
13. Defatted soy cakes
Supplyment(Export,Import, domestic Sales)
1. Chlorella, Chlorella Powder, CGF Liquids
2. Royal Jelly
3. Royal Jelly Powder
4. Proplis
5. Dextrose Monohydrate (for foods,plant fermentation use)
6. Squanlen
7. Calcium
8. notoginseng (organic & conv.)
Natural Foods (export and domestic Sales)
Instant noodles
Organic Coffee, Black Teas Drinks etcs.
Stationary and Promotional Goods
Texitle, light industrial goods
Electric Products
statonery Goods
Organic Shoyu and Tamari
Sales in Bulk
litres egible steel drums
litres egible steel drums
litres egible steel drums
tons egible steel drums
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