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Raw Materials (import and domestic sales)
Our daily diets, like tofu, natto, miso and soy sauce, etc. are made from the raw material soybean. How to provide safe, reasonable food is becoming an important topic in modern society.
The organic JAS, authorized raw materials of soybean, wheat etc. of Kenyu Trading Co.,Ltd are raised in fertile land without using any pesticides and fertilizer (at the present, the genetic recombination of soybean is not cultivated in China.).

Regarding imported raw materials, we use the IP handling system. The harvested soybeans from contracted farms are collected, delivered, selected and loaded into containers. Then the containers are handed to the appointed authorized organic warehouse of Kenyu Trading Co.,Ltd.
Furthermore, we are also obligated to include the certifications of seed, producer, overseas exporter, the certification of container transportation, and the manual of distribution channel.

The organic raw material of Kenyu Trading Co.,Ltd was certified by JAS and NOP in 2003. We make the effort to supply organic raw material which is considered healthy, safe and environmental friendly.
Raw Materials (import and domestic sales)
1. JAS organic soybeans,Conventional, Non-GMO soybeans
2. Organic buckwheat, conventional bucwheat
3. JAS Certified Rice, conventional rice
4. JAS Certified Coffee Beans
5. Conventional Black soybeans, mungbeans, Nada beans
6. Wheat, Wheat Flours, Japan-made wheat flours
7. Organic Sugar
8. Chili powder, chili grits
9. Citron skin, paste, fruit juice, oil
10. Organic Black Teas
11. Organic Honey
12. Organic Wasabi Powder
13. Defatted soy cakes
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