go forward to northeast from south exit of Hirakata station, 100 metres going forward to south of Katano Line , Keihan.
Natural foods(export and domestic Sales)
Healthy food is not only for the elderly but also for young children. We are constantly improving to meet the needs of this diverse group. We appoint the contracted healthy food factories to respond to the various needs of our customers.
For producing and supplying much more safer and delicious foods for our daily life, we select the raw materials one by one from bread, noodle, miso, soy sauce, seasoning, tea and grain from our domestic and international suppliers. There are more and more people thinking the importance of health. For a healthier, brighter and happier life, we never give up our effort to produce and supply the secure goods.
Natural foods(export and domestic Sales)
1. Organic Japanes Teas
2. Seaweeds (Wakame, Hijiki, Kombu,Nori Arame etcs.)
3. Organic Miso
4. Instant noodle, Organic Udon soba etcs.
5. Organic Honey
6. Organic Blueberry Jams
7. Natural Gummy
8. Organic shoyu, tamari
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