go forward to northeast from south exit of Hirakata station, 100 metres going forward to south of Katano Line , Keihan.
Organic Shoyu and Tamari
All of the raw materials used for the organic authorized soy sauce and pure soy sauce of Kenyu Trading Co.,Ltd are maturely fermented and brewed for one year using organic authorized soy beans and wheat. It is genuine and safe as the raw soy sauce and pure soy sauce are brewed by wooden barrel.
We will keep challenging to make the genuine organic soy sauce with particular attention to the raw materials, and traditional natural brewing methods in the future.
Apperance of Kenyu Shoyu and Tamari factory products made under the instruction of Japanese shoyu expert
Shoyu & Tamari sterilizing and stocking tanks Organic soybeans soaking & steaming machines
Shoyu, Tamari Quality Control Room Orgnaic shoyu,tamari fermentation
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